Covid-19 can’t stop Homecoming

With everything Covid related students and community members were unsure of whether the 2020 homecoming parade would be able to take place this year. Although the parade looked a little bit different the town of Fairbury was able to make it happen.

This years Homecoming parade was held on Friday September 25, in downtown Fairbury. The theme for this year was ‘Out of this World’ Children and adults lined the streets of the square to watch the floats drive by. Because of restrictions from covid candy was not allowed to be thrown out to children that watched the parade. Instead those riding the floats waved at community members who came to watch.

There were a total of 26 floats that participated in the parade this year. Some floats that participated in the Homecoming parade included local businesses, sports teams, and organizations. The Fairbury softball parents won the prestigious award for best float. The float captured the ‘Out of this World’ Theme to its entirety. Parents dressed as aliens and Coach Ryan Evans was a NASA Astronaut.

This years 2020 class representatives and Homecoming candidates also made an appearance at the parade. Class representatives included Lily Davis ’24 and Riley Arner ’24, Cora Tatro ’23 and Connor Gerths ’23, Anna York ’22 and Zane Grizzle. Homecoming candidates were the very last to ride through the parade. As usual the candidates rode in topless jeeps and waved to those who watched as they made their way around the square in anticipation for the coronation. Homecoming candidates consisted of Seniors Mallonee Biehl, Maggie Layton, Brynn Novotny, Ellie Ohlde, Keely Schramm, Joshua Robertson, Payton Firmanik, Dylan Starr, Riley Wood, and Lane Zabokrtsky.

After the parade, class representatives and Homecoming candidates were introduced and they made their way to the steps of the court house. It was announced that this year’s Homecoming King was Joshua Robertson and Homecoming Queen was Ellie Ohlde. Last year’s Homecoming King and Queen Bret Cole ’20 and Kennedy DeBoer ’20 attended the coronation to crown the King and Queen.

“My favorite part during the parade was seeing all the little kids that went to daycare waving and talking to me,” Homecoming Queen Ellie Ohlde ’21 said. “I was surprised and honored that my school wanted me to be homecoming queen.”

Following the Coronation and parade was the Homecoming fotball game against Falls City and the Homecoming dance held at the Fairbury Elks Lodge.