Junior class meets to decide on officers and prom theme

By: Hannah Knigge. On Monday September 11, the junior class met to vote on class officers and decide the theme for prom. The prom theme this year will be "luau". The class officers are as follows; public relations- Micheala Buchli, secretary- Tayler Shellhase, vice president- Isaac Robertson, and your 2019 class president Joy Ondrak.

Foreign exchange student returns

By: Hannah Knigge   In 2015, Ludwig Von Thurn, a foreign exchange student from Germany, spent his junior year of school here in Fairbury. He recently returned to Fairbury and will be staying until September 10 with Zach Holes and his family. Von Thurn says "I wanted to come back and see all of my... Continue Reading →

Ongoing Construction on High School

By: Tayler Shellhase   The school year was supposed to come to a start with a better entrance, a larger office, and a new gym floor. This was not the case. Estimated finish dates for the projects were set for August 1st, plenty of time before school started. The gym was open for students to... Continue Reading →

FPS students enjoy totality

August 21, 2017 is definitely a date to be remembered. A total solar eclipse stretched across the nation. Luckily Fairbury fell under the thin band of totality with the moon covering the entirety of the sun's light.   The administrators of Fairbury wanted to make sure today was a day all would remember. "We talked... Continue Reading →

Senior Prank Gone Wrong

Senior pranks are a time-honored tradition here at FHS. The night or nights before the first day of school, past senior classes have pulled off many different pranks such as taping a senior to the pillar outside to greet students coming in, filling the commons with balloons, and parking a trailer in the parking lot.... Continue Reading →

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