Emily Huss Commits to UNO

On September 10, Emily Huss 23’ committed to UNO to continue her career in volleyball.

Out of the many colleges that Huss could have chosen to attend she picked UNO, not only for the good vibes but also the incredible people that she will get to work with.

“The first thing that stood out to me that UNO was the place was how “homey” it felt,” Huss said. “Another big thing that played a role in my decision was the staff. I am so incredibly blessed to get to work with Coach Buttermore, as well as Coach Maggie and Coach Kelly!”

As a player one of the many rewarding aspects of moving on is the support that grows with you. 

“I have had amazing support through the years,” Huss said.” Whether it be from coaches, peers, and community members. But I think my biggest supporters without a doubt are my parents & family. They have always supported me through all decisions I have made, pushed me to try new things, and most importantly have always been there for me throughout the process of recruiting.” 

Junior Emily Huss waves to the crowd when called for starting line up. Photo by Ericka Kroeker

As a coach, having one of your players move on and play at the collegiate level is very exciting. With the hours you put in and the hard work they pour into the sport it is very rewarding. 

“It is very welcomed as an athlete,” Coach Hinrichs said. ”We like to push players to go on in the sport that we coach in.”

Many student athletes aspire to reach the collegiate level but if you want to it takes hard work not only on the court but also in the classroom.

“Work hard! Everything happens for a reason,” Huss said. ”Trust yourself, but push yourself. Stay extra to do more reps, ask for extra workouts, and most importantly stay on top of your school work. Grades are just as important as athletic ability.”