What is Crimson?

After interviewing a variety of students from kindergarten to sixth grade, the overall outcome was clear that our school color is in fact, the true “crimson” or #1 in Figure 1. It was an interesting experiment, given Fairbury Public Schools considers many shades of crimson to be the school color. Although, the majority of kindergarteners were hesitant to pick the wrong color, they each have their own idea of what our school color is. There is an overall agreement #2 was purple and #3 is pinkish. However, fifth and sixth graders chose #1 because #2 is indeed purple, and #3 is Husker Red. Click on the video above to watch the interviews.

Blazer, Trail staffs win state medals; Novotny earns gold

Five journalism students brought home medals from the NSAA State Journalism Competition Monday, April 25.

The competition provides an avenue for journalism students across the state to compete in timed competitions to determine top finishers in 21 events.

The publications department had nine students qualify to compete in the competition with five bringing home medals in four different categories including a State Champion and State Runner-up.

Tanner Novotny brought home the gold in Sports News Writing and Mary Lawrence finished runner-up in Photo Illustration.  In addition to these top two performances, Paige Patton placed third in Yearbook Feature Writing; Shaye Stall placed fourth in Newspaper Layout; and Partrick Ondrak finished fifth in Sports News Writing.

Along with the five medalists, seniors Michaela Bartels, Brooke Eisenhauer and Halle Knigge qualified for the State Competition helping the school finish seventh in the team sweepstakes.

Capturing the essence of the staff’s individual personalities, NSAA State Journalism qualifiers prepare for the group photo.