FHS students understand the stressfulness of Homecoming

With the parade, the football game, and the dance it is a lot to prepare for. Student Council members begin preparing for the dance as soon as school starts. They start the decorating process on the Sunday before, this includes decorating for the dance and decorating the hallways.

“Over the past few years we have really simplified the decorations at the dance…basically the committee makes a nice photo backdrop and that is it.” said StuCo sponsor Janet Beranek. “So, it generally takes about 2 hours to set up.”

Throughout the years StuCo has come up with many different themes. These themes ivolve decorating the hallways for the week of Homecoming. The hallways are decorated by class and whichever classes hallway is decorated the best wins. Jamie Junker ‘22 and Alex Buxton ’22 favorite themes were “Jeffs in the Jungle” and “Under the Sea”

Top of the world. Ethan McCown ’23 makes the most of his homecoming. Photo by Gavin Schramm.

“ Making sure you’re in the right place at the right time.” Buxton said. “There are a lot of things to do and it’s super important to stay on top of where you need to be and when meeting for the parade.”

Junker was Homecoming queen candidate this year. Her favorite part is throwing candy at the parade. Junker is also the Cheerleading captain, so she spends the whole football game on the sideline showing her school spirit. Although it is fun it can be stressful as well.

“Getting to the dance after the game before the doors lock is the most stressful part of the Homecoming day.” Junker said

Many students show their school spirit throughout the week by dressing up based on a theme for each day of homecoming week.Throughout the week many memories are made.

“ My best memory is winning the spirit days sophomore year and getting a free ticket,” said Buxton.