Crimson elite members reflect on their years

Like many school activities, Crimson Elite is a great way to get involved and meet new people.

Cole Rogge ’24 performs a solo during the Veterans convo. Photo by Eliza Kroeker

Creating a space for students to do what they love, band and vocal teacher Ryan Dusso heads up Crimson Elite to incourage others to embrace what they like to do and pushing them to meet new people.

“I joined at the very beginning because I always liked singing,” Cole Rogge ‘24 said, “I like that I get to dance and have fun with other people and Mr. Dusso.”

Giving freedom to become creative and use the talents they were given, while having the ability to have fun, students take this opportunity to create never ending memories with their peers.

“I like how we get to pick our own concert attire.” Lillian Ausk ‘24 said, “Last year we wore ugly sweaters for the Christmas concert.”

Having a space where you can embrace and surround yourself with peers that enjoy the same things you like can help you accomplish many of the goals you have set in life.

“The people in crimson aren’t there for a grade,” Noelani Cervantes ‘22, ”Everyone is there because they are passionate about singing. Everyone is eager to see what we can accomplish next. It is always fun to learn new songs I might never have tried to sing before. “