Thomas Dux’s welding class explores new welding equipment

Thomas Dux’s welding class now has a new facility. The highschoolers will now have more room to do their projects.

Dux has new projects ready for his welding and power classes, and couldn’t be more thrilled about it. The new equipment will be very helpful for all of his students.

“I am very excited to see what projects my metals and fabrication classes and also my Power, Structural and technical systems students will plan and work through during their classes,” Dux said.

Dux has six new welding booths, and a new working exhaust collection system. Along with this comes two new welding downflow tables for the students to use, and new welders.

“I think the new shop’s equipment is very helpful,” Jake Voss 23’ said. “I am very happy about how all of this came together.”

Jake Voss 23′ welding a metal fence during his period 2 class Metals and Fabrications. Photo by: Kaden Swartz.

Second period is usually the busiest period Dux has. This is his metals and fabrications class, so they have the most projects for welding. 

Devon Carel 23’ says he and other students in the class plan to pursue a career in welding. Most of the time they are out in the shop doing welding projects.

“It’s a fun class to take,” Carel said. “I think it’s great when Mr. Dux is here in class with us.”

Dux recognizes his welding students in the past who have made a career out of welding. Isaiah Weers 19’, Lathen Block 16’, and Zachary Swartz 20’ have/had occupations in welding. The students who are going to school for welding now are Jayden Schmidt and Brock Breed.

“For the majority of my 7 years at Fairbury, I have had hard working students in my welding classes that utilize most of their time to get their work done,” Dux said. “This class really builds a great work ethic for the students.”