FHS welcomes New Principal

This year we welcome a new principal Sean Molloy. Mr. Molloy is the former principal of Jefferson Intermediate for two years. Before the school year begun Mr. Molloy made the decision to be moved up to be principal at the high school instead of another year at jefferson.

With all of the activities and things going on it is really hard to feel welcome. “The students have done an amazing job on making me feel welcome with the move. It has also helped tremendously that I have already gotten to know most of the seventh and eighth graders from being there principal at Jefferson intermediate.” -Mr. Molloy said

With the title of Principal there are a lot of other responsibilities to the job. There are a lot of budget management for all of the teachers so they can have the materials to be able to properly teach and care for each and every one of the students that attend FHS.

“This title of principal includes a number of things like, an instructional leader, great educational help with teachers, a lot of in class behavioral management, and I also deal with all of the long term and short term subs, and all of the paras. So there is a lot more to it than just being principal.” -Mr. Molloy

Being principal has made Mr. Molloy very goal oriented in the past 3 years. It has shown him how amazing it feels to see his students grow and how smart they all are.

Mr. Molloy has gone above and beyond to try to help the students of FHS have the best educations they can. He has also tried his best to make all of the new students feel welcomed to the school.