Snow Covers Fairbury

Recent snow in the central part of the United States has left differing opinions. 

We asked people in Fairbury Nebraska about their feelings on it.  

“I love snow days! I think they provide some much needed relief during the winter months!” says Mrs. Steinhoff.

Though, many people had a few problems alongside the winter weather. 

Teri Malone shares her experience, “Turned up heat, then was told I had to conserve energy, and then my pipes froze!” 

While others are worried about the freezing temperatures affecting their school days.

“We couldn’t go outside for recess because it was so low in the negatives and the heaters in the school kept turning off.” Emma Young states.

With temperatures slowly rising, Fairbury citizens are hoping things can easily go back to normal, unlike other states affected by the cold.

DATA: Lowest temperatures on February 15, one of the days students had off, was -15˚F