Heat goes out at Jefferson

While temperatures outside were dropping to an all time low, Jefferson’s students and staff were affected by a heat outage. The extreme cold temperatures were part of the reason for no school in February.

Superintendent Stephen Grizzle gave insight to his reasoning on his Twitter page.

“Late start for Wednesday (heating issues @soaringjeffs and road conditions),”Mr. Grizzle Tweeted. @soaringjeffs is the official Twitter account of Jefferson Intermediate School.

There was still heat at the high school but, some high school students still were affected while going to their peer tutor placements. 

“I was only in there for about 30 minutes so it was okay for me, but I can’t imagine being in there all day and especially if it would’ve stayed cold for multiple days at a time”, said senior Kacy Starck. “I just kept my jacket on the entire time I was there to stay warmer.”

Fifth grade teacher McKehna Bartels is a first-year teacher at Jefferson Intermediate but was not heavily affected by the outage.

“I think most of Jefferson was without heat, but especially the basement classrooms.” Bartels said

Bartels also mentioned that she wore her coat all day on some of the colder days.

The inconvenient timing of the outage during the cold snap made for some chilly days at school, but students and staff adapted and made their way through.  Warmer days and spring being right around the corner is a welcome sight for all.