Seniors say goodbye to the sports they love

Seniors experience the last games of their high school careers and say goodbye to the sport that carried them through the years.

Jami Mans ’22 pitches at the last home game of her high school career. Photo by Trenton Ruhnke

Competing in your last game or meet can bring up some nerves knowing that you won’t be able to experiecnce another game like this again.

“Going into my last meet I was extremely nervous,” Ericka Kroeker ‘22 said, “I didn’t want my season to end so I was hoping I would do really well.”

Competing in a sport isn’t always easy, so to have the support from the people you love most can really help through the tough times of the season.

“My biggest supporters were definitely my parents, ” Brooke Schmidt ‘22 said, “they never missed a game and they were always pushing me to be the best that I could be.”

As fall sports come to an end; seniors cherish their last game with their teammates as they know all good things must come to an end.

“It’s sad to know that I won’t get to experience Friday night lights one more time,” Braden Suey ‘22 said, ”but I will have some great memories for the rest of my life because of all the experiences and friends football has brought into my life.”