Swimmers share opinions BNFF team

For many swimmers going to a different school for a sport they love is something they don’t mind. Although it doesn’t bother them, there are still pros and cons for this situation.

Most sports practices start at 4. Since swim practices start at 4, the participants at Fairbury must leave school early. Leaving school early every day can cause a lot of stress on an individual. They have to make up for all of the work they miss during the time they are gone. 

“I have study hall my eighth period,” Lily Davis ‘24 said. “I miss having study hall and using that time to do homework.”

Along with practicing at a school 30 minutes away, their meets are even farther. Every other year there are home meets. If it is a home meet year, that means that the majority of their meets are at or closer to Beatrice, which is where they practice. If it is not a home meet year, which is this year, they have minimal meets near Beatrice, they travel as far as South Sioux City.

“The nerves get to me easier,” Cole Rogge ‘24 said, “because you’re thinking about how you will do at the meet. It also affects my grades leaving early so often.”

Joining other schools can lead to many different experiences. It gives swimmers a chance to meet new people. With covid in the past year, there were some changes they had to make. The swim team had to make cuts ,the Fairbury swimmers had to get ready before they left for practice, they could not use the locker rooms after practice, and they had to wear masks anytime you got out of the pool. As things have changed due to Covid, there are fewer restrictions and they can now use the locker rooms before and after practice.

“This year is much better,” Davis said. “We don’t have to wear masks at practices, and we can use the locker rooms.”