Snow days provide moment of respite

In Nebraska, the weather is always changing. This year alone we have had a 70-degree day in December. On the other hand, one year, there were so many snow days that students had to start going all day on Friday to make up for the days missed. 

Everyone remembers snow days differently. Many kids have memories that were made in the snow. From having snowball fights to sledding the biggest hills, there was an infinite amount of activities to do in the snow.

“My brother and I spent 12 hours making an igloo in our front yard,” Brook Tatro ‘24 said. “That was the best snow day ever. It was great.”

Students have many different ways to spend their snow days. It’s different for everyone when you wake up one morning and learn that you don’t have to get ready or go to school. 

“I always end up sleeping through snow days,” Freshman Felicity McCardle said.

Snow days can also impact teachers in different ways. It can change their lesson plans, mess up schedules or give them a day to relax without students. 

“Snow days give teachers and students an unexpected break!” Principal Sean Molloy said. “It can be an opportunity to get caught up on work, assignments and other tasks as well as relaxation.”