Juniors prepare for the ACT

Junior students took the Pre-ACT on November 10, 2021. Juniors take the Pre-ACT once in the spring of their sophomore year and then take it again in the fall of junior year. They take the final ACT test in the spring of their junior year. 

The ACT consists of; English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science portions with an optional writing portion. The ACT scores that students get determine and measure their readiness for college. The scores can let colleges know how good students are in each subject. 

“Math is probably the hardest portion for me because it takes the longest for me.” Cora Tatro ‘23 said.

Different portions of the test have a different amount of time for you to take it. It really depends on how many questions there are in the portion but it’s usually around 30 minutes for each section. 

“I feel like the hardest test for me was the reading portion, because when I read I like to be able to take my time and fully comprehend what I am reading,” Junior Trayce Blas said. “but during the pre-act, the test is timed and there are multiple passages with questions to each passage and there isn’t enough time to do that.”

Doing the Pre-ACT while it is timed resembles the limited time we will have when taking the ACT. 

“The timing piece of each test seems to stress students out the most, so it’s preparation for that.” Taylor Biehl, guidance counselor said. “This also allows each student to analyze each testing area for their weaknesses and what they need to freshen up on before the actual ACT.”