Class teaches robot building and programming

Students in Mr. Steve Vonderfecht’s Foundations of Computing class have been building and programming their own robots. 

This class is designed for students who have never programmed before and want to learn more about robotics.

“It’s fun learning how to program,” Elizabeth Rogers ‘23 said. “Even though sometimes it gets tough. 

Their first project was getting their robots to move and turn on black tape on the floor. This dealt with motors and line trackers.

“It’s challenging,“ Mr. Vonderfecht said. “But it’s rewarding when you can build something from scratch and program it successfully.”

Their last projects they chose what they wanted to do. Some that they did were a grocery store conveyor, drill press, quiz bowl buzzer system, an alarm system with a door and window, and an automated stop light. 

“Takes close to a month,” Zach Furrow ‘22 said. “Depending on how hard it can be.”