Junior High dances into the night

On September third, Junior High students had their first middle school dance at the high school.

Junior High students were on the dance floor competing against each other, doing the worm, and seeing who could dance better.

“What I enjoyed most about the dance was being able to dance with my friends and I liked how there was a variety of music playing,” Kiera Bey ’27 said.

Students had a good variety of dances to dance to such as the shuffle, whip/nae nae, or the cha cha slide, they were letting loose and being themselves while dancing with their friends.

A group of eighth graders pose for a picture together. The dance lasted until 10:30 at night. Photo by Eliza Kroeker.

“My favorite song we danced to was the shuffle because we were able to move around a lot and got to dance with other students we weren’t too familiar with,” Atziri Cuevas ’27 said.

Students also got to dance with some of the staff that were upperclassmen and had gotten familiar with them. 

“I was looking forward to this dance because we got to dress up and was looking forward to seeing my friends at an activity like this outside of school,” Cuevas said.