Juniors attend meeting for Prom and College Fair

On Tuesday, September 28 there was a junior meeting that took place during first period in the BFAC. Topics that were discussed were: prom, themes, and electing junior class officers. Another thing they talked about at the meeting was the EPP College Fair that happened on Thursday, September 30. It took place at SCC Beatrice and all juniors went. They went and talked to colleges that they were interested in and got information about them.

Juniors always help with prom in some way. Whether it’s cleaning up after, helping with the decorating, crowning, entertainment, or advertisement committees.

“Prom is hosted by the junior class,” Janet Beranek said. “It’s not required for juniors to sign up for a committee but it’s strongly encouraged.”

There are also opportunities to be a chairperson for a committee which means you are the leader of that committee and get to make most of the decisions but that also means you’ll have to attend more meetings. The juniors also get to leave suggestions for the theme of prom. 

“For the theme of prom I put Rustic and Northern Lights,” Brittany Kroeker ‘23 said. “I think they would both be pretty cool for the themes.”

There may be a location change to where the Stagecoach Mall used to be instead of the 47’ Gym like it’s usually at.

“I don’t think the change in location would be a good idea,” Jacob Torkelson ‘23 said. ”It would just cost more.”

Juniors Alea Broschkowski, Dale Paulsen, and Seth Engelman talk to one of the colleges at the College Fair