‘Out of This World’ decorating by FHS students

“Out of this World,” the theme chosen this year to represent homecoming week and the decorations adorned the hallways for the week.

The hallway decorating happened on Sunday, September 20 at the highschool and consisted of students who had chosen to give a helping hand in decorating.

“I would say it was a 10/10 because it was very fun,” Mikya Lierman ‘23. “It was fun because I got to do it with my friends.”

The decorations for the theme represent many things you would find in space or science fiction such as stars, planets, astronauts, rocket ships, and aliens.

“I think that decorating the hallways is very important,” Allison Davis ‘23 said. “I think that it is important because we need to show our school spirit through decorating.”

Emily Huss ’23 hanging up table coverings to make the lights turn blue.
Photo by: Trenton Ruhnke
Rayanne Bedlan ’24 cutting out starts to later hang on the ceiling.
Photo by: Trenton Ruhnke