Play Auditions

Play auditions for WCKY were held in the Burkley Fine Arts Center on Tuesday, September 8 at 7:00pm. 

The cast that was picked are grateful for their roles in this year’s play. 

“I am extremely happy with the part I got. I didn’t know much about the play but the role I got suits me well.” Addison Parrack ‘21 said. 

Even though they enjoy the role they received, some of them did not think they were going to receive one. 

“I was not confident about my audition. I feel like I did really well but I did not think I got a part.” Lyza Call ‘23 said. 

The cast had many reasons for auditioning for WCKY.

“I guess I just wanted to give it a try because I’m interested in acting and I thought it would be fun.” Trenton Ruhnke ‘23 said. 

WCKY is a comedic murder mystery that takes place at a radio station. The cast and directors enjoy many different parts of this play.“My favorite part of this show would be no matter what is happening on stage while the actual “radio show” is happening, both seem to fit together so well. The timing of this play is, in itself, a work of art.” Ryan Dusso, director of this year’s play, said.