Cheerleaders paint sidewalks and driveways for fundraiser

Labor day weekend, the cheerleaders went out and painted a Jeff Man and an “F” on people’s driveways. In total the girls painted for 34 residents and still have plenty more to do. Sophomore Lily Davis’ parents, Andrea and Dusty Schmidt, were able to go around asking for donations so the cheerleaders could make 100% profit. 

For donations, Walmart and Ace donated spray paint, and Tom Hunt donated the stencils used to paint the designs on. There were several different stencils that were made. The Jeff Man consisted of 3, one for the coat, pants, and body. While the “F” just had two for the red and yellow spray paint. “The first step is cleaning the cement, then you have to lay out the stencils and paint them one by one.” Davis mentioned.

Senior Keely Schramm participated in the fundraiser, “I thought this project went super well. It was a big success and I think it brings our community together by showing Jeff pride.” The cheerleaders enjoyed painting the driveways and their time together, the only downfall was the wind and the heat. 

The money the girls made goes towards the cheer account and their personal accounts. “We have lots of expenses this year. We’re going to state for the first time, so we needed extra uniform pieces and poms.” Schramm said. The cheerleaders also have to pay for their hotel and food expenses while they are in Grand Island. The fundraiser benefited the girls and saved them lots of money seeing as they have other expenses they have to pay for out of pocket.

Photo courtesy of Keely Schramm