King, Queen crowning highlights Homecoming Parade


Mikasa Lierman ’19 accepts the crown from Paige Livingston ’18, last year’s Homecoming Queen. Photo by B. Novotny

The annual Homecoming Parade featured the crowning of a senior King and Queen in the town square Friday, September 14. Isaac Robertson and Mikasa Lierman earned this year’s honors.

The Homecoming Court members were announced earlier in the week. The candidates for Queen were seniors Jessa Eden, Mikasa Lierman, Toriann Likens, Joy Ondrak, and Janessa Swanda. Meanwhile, King Candidates included Devin Holliday, Jayson Klaumann, Isaac Robertson, Colton Starck, and Dillon Weichel, all seniors. Votes from FHS students selected Robertson and Lierman as winners.

“It felt pretty good knowing that the high school student body looks at me as someone who is deserving to be the king,” Robertson said. “I try to set a good example for younger students, and I feel honored that they see me as a leader to represent the student body for homecoming.”


Seniors Mikasa Lierman and Isaac Robertson stand together as 2018 Homecoming Royalty. Photo by B. Novotny

The three other classes also had their respective representatives voted in. The students were freshmen Alex Buxton and Alissa York, sophomores Joshua Robertson and Abigail Judd, and juniors Dalton Petersen and Josephine Blatny. Isaac was glad to join his younger brother on the Court.

“I was happy to see Josh as the Sophomore Representative because I see him as a hard-working and respectful person, and his class obviously sees that too,” Isaac said. “It was also kind of cool to have us both be on the Homecoming Court at the same time.”

The parade saw several other floats from businesses in the area and the school’s sports teams and clubs. Every year, the title of “Best Float” is handed out. Prairie View Industries took home the prize for the third year in a row on Friday.



Janessa Swanda ’18 shares a laugh with Dillon Weichel ’18 as they are announced among the candidates at the courthouse. Photo by B. Novotny


Brittyn Wentz ’21, Jami Mans ’22, Mallonee Biehl ’21, Maggie Layton ’21, Ellie Ohlde ’21, and Anna York ’22 represent the Lady Jeffs Softball team on a truck-pulled trailer float. Photo by B. Novotny