Should Sports Include Hunting?

He shoots, and he scores! He has won the game! It wouldn’t be uncommon to hear those words broadcasted during the final seconds of a basketball, soccer or hockey game. These sports are all popular but couldn’t the same words be said about the sport of hunting?

Ever since man has been on this Earth, hunting has existed. Even today people all over the world go hunting daily as they search for wild game. In America hunting is usually thought of as a recreational activity. But to become a hunter, a lot of practice and experience as well as time must be put in to become a good hunter.  

Some people may not be willing to call hunting a sport because of the lack of physical exertion used to hunt. However hunting requires an incredible amount of mental toughness. Through bad weather and other adverse conditions a hunter must be ready for the game to come by.

When a hunter goes out to hunt they have to carry their gun, or bow depending of the season, and any other equipment they might need. This task can be more challenging than it seems because hunters may have to endure rain, snow and high winds. There is more physical effort that goes into a hunt than many people think.

If a person is serious about becoming a hunter and if they want to hunt the right way, there are skills and talents they should have. Hunting is like any other sport, to be successful the hunter must take time to prepare beforehand. The hunter must also have the right equipment for the particular season and know how to use it so that game has a fair chance.  

Hunting requires control over body and mind, as many hunts last several hours. During this time the hunter may have to move around without spooking any potential prey. It takes time and effort to move around without the prey knowing. It also requires the hunter to have a permit and know the certain species of animals and when it is legal to harvest these animals.

Finally, just like any other sport to be successful the hunter must do work in the offseason. Even though it is not necessary, it can greatly help hunters if they use trail cameras and other tools to find where the wild game lives. All of this work in the offseason is another way that hunting is similar to other sports like football or basketball.

Overall, hunting requires just as much time and effort as other sports do. To be successful a lot of preparation must be taken before hunting season begins. Hunters have to prepare and make sure that everything is in working order by the time hunting season rolls around. People that claim that hunting is not a sport state this because they don’t see the work that goes into the season. There is a lot of work that goes into the season to make it go off with a bang!

‘If you couldn’t stand livin’ here why’d you take it?’

“I hate Fairbury.” This a phrase that I hear used in FHS too often. It is my firm belief that no one should hate where they are currently living.

Fairbury is a small community compared to Beatrice, Lincoln, or Grand Island and the same goes for the schools. Here at FHS everyone knows everyone, so there does not go a day where we do not see one another. I do understand as a high school senior that people can get on each others nerves and that sometimes we just do not want to put up with all of the people we see as clowns or annoyances, but that is no reason to say “I hate Fairbury”.

Since I have roots that lead back to this town’s early years I have nothing but pride for this small, southeastern town.

I am saddened whenever I hear that someone does not like the town, though I do understand that life here can be dull at times with no movie theater, and a bowling alley that is just starting off its life, but that is no reason to hate this town. Yes, compared to towns like Lincoln we are no better than David and Goliath. Yes, we are not a thriving community like most are, but we make improvements gradually to make this town the better.

Once I hear that phrase I honestly get very annoyed with the reasoning behind it. Most of the time it is a situation such as friends doing something other friends do not approve of. After that is stated, the accused instantly uses the “He who shall not be named” phrase implying that every single person in Fairbury treats their friends like awful people.

What this comes down to is the attitude of people in this town. In my opinion, if someone had a bone to pick with me it would not me my problem to deal with, it is their problem. This also goes for the town and the people that have a bad view of it. It is their choice of whether to fix it or not. I hope that all young people in Fairbury take time to think about what they hate and what they do not hate because it is likely, in my opinion, that they do not hate this town. Just some of the people in it.

This a problem easily resolved even though I do not know all of the drama bombs that go off in the town. It is up to the people that have problems with others or the town to fix them in such a way that they can be happy with the place they call home.

I know that as a high school senior I will not be living in Fairbury much longer, but that does not mean I cannot hope for the betterment of this town. After all, there are many more generations of kids that will be attending school and living here.

I have recently thought over all that this town has given me now that I am preparing to move to Kearney for college. This town has given my family support when we needed it most and my dearest friends grew up in this town along side me. No matter where my future takes me I will always remember Fairbury, Nebraska as my home.

College classes give benefits to students

Blood, sweat, other bodily fluids and a lot of tears are a few side effects that come along with having a college class in high school life. Fairbury High School offers a plethora of college classes once a student hits their sophomore year thanks to the Career Academy Course ran by Southeast Community College.

During my personal time as a high school student I have heard many parents, teachers and former students say that high school is the easiest time of our lives. Yes, it is less difficult when compared to college or adulthood, but in no way is it easy. Homework projects and tests can drive a teen to the brink of a psychotic breakdown leading them to solitary confinement in the nearest asylum. On top of all that some students choose to take college level classes in order to get ahead start on their life after high school.

Many different kinds of college credit classes can be taken at FHS. Classes like Honors English 1 and 2, psychology, sociology, and numerous others have been offered for years and years unlike the newly introduced Career academy courses. Much like the Student to Career class students are required to take Junior Year, the Career Academy allows you to explore a career of your choice. Job Shadows, exploration assignments and field trips are small things included on this jumpstart to success. Another portion of the Career Academy includes yet more college credit options.

Education, Mechanics, Sciences, Computers, and Construction are all a few of the professional courses given out by SCC. These classes dive deeper into your chosen career and will help you decide on what you really want to do in your busy adult life and give you, yet again, another head start in college.

College classes are revered as a monstrous task that only those of elite studying capabilities can complete. This is wrong. Sure you’ll have to put in extra work on order to be successful, but it does not mean you have to flip tables and throw chairs just because you can’t find the answer to the meaning of life. Just as in high school, your teachers are there to assist you anyway they can so take time to talk to them to figure out what you can do to be successful in your life as a student, even if there is a cost.

My biggest worry for college and the classes themselves is the huge amount of money that is required to attend them. In high school, college classes are offered at a much lower price when compared to taking them while in college. Think of it has getting a bundle deal while shopping. You get the head start on your classes and you get a discounted price for taking that start. So to the students that are thinking of college, find your dream career, take classes any opportunity you can and don’t sweat the stress. Just think about it.

Something clever- Facebook Facelifts

Everyone has taken a ‘selfie’ at least once in their lifetime, whether they posted it or not. The only thing is, girls seem to over-edit their pictures. I mean, sure, adding a filter to highlight your face or make your eyes pop is completely fine. Which I admit, there are times that I over edit pictures myself.

Spending hours airbrushing and adding twenty filters does not make the picture better than how it started. No one wants to see an image that is portrayed as someone other than the person that is actually in the picture.

Sure, everyone likes getting multiple likes and comments on their pictures, but why waste time on editing pictures to make you look more attractive, that in the end just makes you look fake and come off as seeking attention.

When is taking editing too far? When it takes more than five minutes to post a selfie due to evening out and softening skin tones, whitening teeth, erasing blemishes and brightening eyes, topped off with a filter or two. It is a confidence builder to look “flawless” but what about the ninety-nine percent of the time you do not look like that?

In today’s society, girls especially are pointed out for their flaws, but in my opinion, a girl that is 5’11 and weighs one hundred and fifteen pounds with a thigh gap, and eyebrows that are on fleek, is not so attractive. What happened to “thick is beautiful?”

Boys, as well as girls are ridiculed for what they wear, how they style their hair, and their facial appearance. Social Media is a great way to update friends and family with events going on in your life when they don’t live close to you, but there are so many people that use social media to post pictures that are over edited, and come off as provocative.

The content of pictures anymore is borderline inappropriate. If you feel the need to wear tight clothes and show off skin and cleavage, I guarantee very few actually find that attractive. Girls tend to post pictures like that, and then wonder why they are getting so much negative attention. Remember, there is nothing wrong with being modest.

Positives for students who get involved

As John F. Kennedy once famously quoted, “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” So I ask students in Fairbury High School, ask not what your school can do for you, ask what you can do for your school.

Currently Fairbury High School offers 27 different student organizations or athletic teams. It seems that there are an unlimited amount opportunities for students to get involved. The question now is, with so many opportunities, why aren’t people getting involved in athletics and organizations?

According to there are several benefits to getting involved in extracurricular activities. Colleges look for students who have a solid work ethic. One of the ways to have work ethic noticed is by joining extracurricular activities.

I understand that people have other obligations besides school, but with all of these organizations there is something for everyone’s interests. Student organizations in FHS range in interests from FFA to Energizers and FBLA to Spanish Club.

When choosing an activity or sport, it is important to join a club that is interesting according to It is easier to get involved in an activity when it is something that can be felt strongly about.

Fairbury High School has done a great job of offering activities to accommodate everyone’s interest. Clubs range from agriculture based to Spanish Club, so there is no reason for not joining a club simply because it is not interesting. It is simply just a matter of getting people involved in these activities.

Another benefit of being involved in extracurricular activities is the learning of time management and prioritizing what needs to be done. These are valuable lessons that can be used later in life.

The only drawback to being involved in activities is that, it is time consuming. Being involved with clubs or in athletics takes up quite a bit of time after school. But with all of the benefits, putting a little time into an organization seems a small price to pay.

When I walk down the hall I see a lot of untapped potential. If everyone would get involved in just one activity the change would be astronomical. FHS offers something for everyone, so why not get involved? Fairbury would be more competitive in extracurricular activities if we could just get people involved.