Flashback Friday 1971

This Friday we take a look back at the 1970-1971 school year, as the Fairbury boys basketball team won their first state championship. In the championship game they won 65-64 over the Cozad Haymakers. Flashback Friday 1971 (2)

Flashback Friday 1971
Pictured above is Garth Gibson as he cuts the net following the Jeffs state championship  victory over Cozad. 

Homecoming becomes outlet to boogie down

With a win, a hoop, and a holler, homecoming came and gone. The party started around 9:30 with Walley’s booming with music and laughter so loud you could hear it the moment you stepped through the double doors. The girls were dressed to their nines and the boys cleaned up very well.  The music made people want to get out on the dance floor to jump around excitedly. The football players broke the losing streak of the homecoming game and won against JCC. Which may have made things a little more jubliant. People gathered in a big circle making the most noise within the entire room, in the middle of the floor, they shouted lyrics and pumped their fist in the air to almost every song. People started doing popular dances all around with faces full of smiles. Sadly the dance did end around 12:30 and people walked back to their cars with tired feet. Only to be reminded this may be their last homecoming dance or one of their many. Homecoming was a great kick off for this year.

Perla Carillo Muno '18 boogies down with friends last Friday night.
Perla Carillo Muno ’18 boogies down with friends last Friday night.