Stall, Estrada intercept the Spirit Stick for day two of Homecoming Week

Tuesday of Homecoming Week was full of fanatics, spirit, and sports gear for Fairbury High school. Student Council judges carefully decided the winners for the “America’s Favorite Pastime” spirit day, and after much deliberation awarded Taylor Runge ’20 fourth place, Haylee Gray ’17 third place, Autumn Branson ’19 second place, and seniors Lilibeth Estrada and Shaye Stall first place and the spirit stick for a joint costume worthy of a touchdown.

Lilibeth Estrada ’17, Haylee Gray ’17, Shaye Stall ’17, Autumn Branson ’19, Taylor Runge ’20 gather for the day two winners of the StuCo Spirit Stick contest. Runge won fourth place for showing off his Packer Pride, Gray won third for getting her head in the game, Branson pinned down second place for sporting her wrestling gear, and Estrada and Stall tackled first with their Cornhusker football outfits.

Scott claims the Spirit Stick for day one of Homecoming Week.

Homecoming week started off with a blast here at FHS! On Monday, September 19, the spirit day was ‘American Day’, and students were encouraged to wear their most patriotic clothing to school. After evaluation by StuCo judges, three winners were decided. Third place went to Haylee Gray ’17, second to Justin Peterson ’17, and first place went to Jolie Scott ’18. Along with a celebratory popsicle, Scott was also trusted with the spirit stick for the entire school day.


Second Annual StuCo Dodgeball Tournament

On Friday November 20 the Fairbury High Student Council hosted their second annual dodgeball tournament. There were 12 teams entered in the competition. The tournament was double elimination style with a three game guarantee.

Logan Slater ’18 takes aim at an opponent at the second annual Student Council Dodgeball Tournament. Slater played for the team “Loco Ducks”.

The tournament championship game included the teams Vintage Varsity and Hawaiian Punch. Vintage Varsity was a team that consisted of teachers and coaches from Fairbury Public Schools. Hawaiian Punch won the game to take the championship title.

Hawaiian Punch takes a group picture after winning the second annual Student Annual Dodgeball Tournament. Hawaiian Punch was the runner up in last years dodgeball tournament.

StuCo brings ideas to the table

The school year has officially started and many new additions are popping up in Fairbury Jr.-Sr. High school. With 36 members in stuco alongside their sponsors Mrs. Beranek and Ms. Beck for the 2015-2016 school year, will be creating new ideas to be more inviting and fun.

Some people may have noticed we have a new addition to our cafeteria. The microwave has become a big hit within the lunches. Students bring lunch from home, enjoy having more options.

“We wanted to give the students more lunch options,” Bethany Klaumann ‘17 said.

Some kids used to go to teachers rooms to use their microwave. Now we can use our own.

“Trent Grizzle said he used to have one at his school, and he brought it up one day and we all loved the idea,” Macy Ohlde ‘18 said.

Ohlde is the stuco president and had quite a bit to say about this upcoming year, especially new things for homecoming.

“We’re going to try to bring back the bonfire for homecoming and a drive in movie probably in the back of the school the week of homecoming. We’ll be playing the movie, Back To the Future, since that’s the theme,” Ohlde ‘18 said.

With that in mind, homecoming will be even a bigger hit. Many new additions are sure to be brought onto the horizon.

“It means a lot to be the president because the council believes I can make the school a better place,” Ohlde ‘18 said.

Mentioned before, having 36 members in stuco can have an impact on the organization.

“I think the upperclassmen can show the new members the ropes and help set up with dances and the camera for the stuco show,” Klaumann ‘17 said.

The stuco show has a variety of hosts this year. Paige Patton and Britney Scheetz host a few shows then hand it off to Jacob Johnson and Paul Mach for a few other shows. The show happens every Tuesday during block 1/2.

Student council is spicing it up this year. They’re getting more involved with fun activities and other additions while bringing back old traditions.