Swimmers dive into practice

Diving into this swim season, there are only four swimmers from Fairbury to join the BNFF team. As for two of those swimmers they’re returning state qualifiers, Mikasa Lierman ‘19 and Colton Starck ‘19. Lierman qualified in the 200 medley relay and 400 freestyle relay. Starck qualified in the 200 freestyle relay. They were the first Fairbury swimmers to qualify for the state meet in three years.

There will be 49 swimmers to begin with this season. Nine returning state qualifiers from the BNFF team. With that in mind, head swimming and diving coach Mariam Wallen has high  expectations.

“We hope to get as many swimmers and divers as we can to state, and if not, then just hope to improve everyone else,” Wallen said.

Swimming is a great sport to use for conditioning for any other sport. Since it’s easy on your joints and uses every muscle in your body. Not only is a person working out, but they’re holding their breath as well.

“I hope to get more in shape and shave off some of my times from last year,” RJ Suey ‘19 said.

But, practices are looking a little bit more different this year, instead of just staying in the water consistently.

“There will be one lane out, so that way we give our divers an open lane. So we’ll start with one lane to go and do dryland, then have them come back and we’ll pull out another lane,” Wallen said.

Some swimmers look to condition, but also look for fun during the cold winter season. Swimmers can make some lifelong friends and amazing teammates.

“My favorite thing about swim team is meeting new people and being with my friends, it’s basically my main reason for joining the team,” Suey said.

Many inside jokes can be found amongst these athletes. Between laughs and good times with their friends and swimmates, these athletes hope to finish better than the started. The BNFF swim team kicks off their season on Thursday at 4:30, Dec. 1 against Lincoln Northeast.

Sophomore RJ Suey works on his breaststroke technique by doing working drills during swim team practice, Thursday Nov. 17.

‘The Trail’ wins Cornhusker Award

Owners of the 89th edition of the yearbook, “We Are…” should know that they’re holding, not only memorable book, but also a book that won the Nebraska High School Press Association’s Cornhusker Award. A staff of 14 bold students and one adviser, pulled together a series of memories and bonded them all together to create this award winning yearbook.

“It’s the equivalent to winning a state championship,’ adviser Jed Martin said.

Congratulations to the former eight staff members of last year and congratulations to the remaining four staff members this year!

The staff members include:

  • Halle Knigge ’16 Editor in Chief of The Trail
  • Mary Lawrence ’17 Assistant Editor in Chief of The Trail
  • Josey Zabokrtsky ’16 Photo Editor
  • Michaela Bartels ’16 Business Manager
  • Brooke Eisenhauer ’16 Senior Page Editor
  • Paige Patton ’16 Senior Page Editor
  • Anna Schouboe ’16 Senior Page Editor
  • Stephen Engelman ’16 Xray Editor
  • Paul Lawrence ’16 Editor in Chief of The Blazer
  • Shaye Stall ’17 Assistant Editor of The Blazer
  • Kelsea Swartz ’17 Assistant Business Manager
  • Patrick Ondrak ’17 Sports Editor
  • Tanner Novotny ’17 Assistant Sports Editor
  • Ludwig Von Thurn ’18 Page Editor

State Journalism Qualifiers

The nine following journalism students for qualified for the State Journalism Competition in Norfolk on Monday, April 25.

“I am very proud to have that many going,” journalism adviser Jed Martin said.

These students have been very resolute in their work and hope to bring home some hardware.

NEWSPAPER IN-DEPTH COVERAGE: Paul Lawrence, Halle Knigge, Paige Patton, Mary Lawrence, Patrick Ondrak, and Tanner Novotny

COLUMN WRITING: Patrick Ondrak and Brooke Eisenhauer

GRAPHIC ILLUSTRATION: Paige Patton and Mary Lawrence


NEWS/FEATURE PHOTOGRAPHY: Michaela Bartels and Shaye Stall

YEARBOOK THEME: Halle Knigge and Mary Lawrence


Girls track running on high expectations

Spring sports have officially begun with practices underway. The girls track team grew larger this year compared to the 2015 group, the team has a total of 21 athletes. A high set of expectations from the coaches has been set.

“I’m looking forward to this track season. The girls are full of potential. We have a great group of girls who come and work hard,” head coach Jantz said, “that will pay off if they continue to keep it up.”

Returning female athletes include: seniors Paige Patton and Anna Schouboe. Juniors Lilibeth Estrada, Mary Lawrence, Megg Vaughn, Haylee Gray, and Shaye Stall. Returning sophomores are Destini Warnke, Marah Shumard, Emily Burkley, and Britney Scheetz.

With the season opening up, the girls have been working hard for their first meet at Superior on Thursday, March 17. The first home meet of the season will be March 24. Come watch the girls track team compete their hearts out!


Fairbury students come back with a win from the JEA contest

The Journalism Education Association held a contest in various categories dealing with anything from yearbook to newspaper related. Fairbury Journalism students entered the contest and came back with some wins.

“I like winning things,” Journalism and English teacher Jed Martin said.

Senior Brooke Eisenhauer took the honorable mention rank in the news/feature photography. Along with other senior, Stephen Engelman acquired the rank of honorable mention in news writing. Mary Lawrence ’17 had many honorable mentions within; editorial cartooning, graphic illustration, and photo illustration.

Plans for college pose crucial decision

Students can’t go under it, students can’t go around it, and students can’t go over it, so they might as well answer it, “where do you want to go to college?”

It’s a question most seniors can’t avoid. Possibly younger students have even had the question posed to them.

“I’m mostly asked by adults and it’s kind of a frequently asked question. Especially when I see adults or family that I haven’t seen in a long time,” Paige Livingston ‘18 said.

The future is something students are told to have a plan for because the future is impossible to run away from or avoid. College is typically where most students seem to go after graduating.

Some students do have a plan and know exactly where they’re headed. As a junior, students take the School to Career class, STC, which can help students decide on what to plan for after graduation, by doing a job shadow of a job they have in mind, doing a job interview, and scoping out colleges they might want to attend.

“Doing a job shadow helped a lot. It was really fun…I want to be a high school math teacher because math comes easy for me and I just like helping others,” Lindsay Lee ‘16 said.

Some need job shadows to help figuring out if what they want to do is the right fit. Other students may have known what they’ve wanted to be since they were little.

I love everything to do with hair and make-up and I feel like that’s just what I was meant to do when I was little,” Amanda Harroun ‘16 said.

Even though it’s only the second quarter of the school year, students say they’re ready to go out and start the next step–college.

“I think it’ll be new, different experience. I’m a little nervous….I think I’m ready to go out and start the next chapter,” Nick Christiansen ‘16 said.

Even with the nervousness of leaving and beginning a new journey after high school, seniors leave with some advice for the people who may be nervous or worried about their journey to college and later on.

“Take your time you don’t have to rush into decisions, so have fun,” Christiansen said.

StuCo brings ideas to the table

The school year has officially started and many new additions are popping up in Fairbury Jr.-Sr. High school. With 36 members in stuco alongside their sponsors Mrs. Beranek and Ms. Beck for the 2015-2016 school year, will be creating new ideas to be more inviting and fun.

Some people may have noticed we have a new addition to our cafeteria. The microwave has become a big hit within the lunches. Students bring lunch from home, enjoy having more options.

“We wanted to give the students more lunch options,” Bethany Klaumann ‘17 said.

Some kids used to go to teachers rooms to use their microwave. Now we can use our own.

“Trent Grizzle said he used to have one at his school, and he brought it up one day and we all loved the idea,” Macy Ohlde ‘18 said.

Ohlde is the stuco president and had quite a bit to say about this upcoming year, especially new things for homecoming.

“We’re going to try to bring back the bonfire for homecoming and a drive in movie probably in the back of the school the week of homecoming. We’ll be playing the movie, Back To the Future, since that’s the theme,” Ohlde ‘18 said.

With that in mind, homecoming will be even a bigger hit. Many new additions are sure to be brought onto the horizon.

“It means a lot to be the president because the council believes I can make the school a better place,” Ohlde ‘18 said.

Mentioned before, having 36 members in stuco can have an impact on the organization.

“I think the upperclassmen can show the new members the ropes and help set up with dances and the camera for the stuco show,” Klaumann ‘17 said.

The stuco show has a variety of hosts this year. Paige Patton and Britney Scheetz host a few shows then hand it off to Jacob Johnson and Paul Mach for a few other shows. The show happens every Tuesday during block 1/2.

Student council is spicing it up this year. They’re getting more involved with fun activities and other additions while bringing back old traditions.

Homecoming becomes outlet to boogie down

With a win, a hoop, and a holler, homecoming came and gone. The party started around 9:30 with Walley’s booming with music and laughter so loud you could hear it the moment you stepped through the double doors. The girls were dressed to their nines and the boys cleaned up very well.  The music made people want to get out on the dance floor to jump around excitedly. The football players broke the losing streak of the homecoming game and won against JCC. Which may have made things a little more jubliant. People gathered in a big circle making the most noise within the entire room, in the middle of the floor, they shouted lyrics and pumped their fist in the air to almost every song. People started doing popular dances all around with faces full of smiles. Sadly the dance did end around 12:30 and people walked back to their cars with tired feet. Only to be reminded this may be their last homecoming dance or one of their many. Homecoming was a great kick off for this year.

Perla Carillo Muno '18 boogies down with friends last Friday night.
Perla Carillo Muno ’18 boogies down with friends last Friday night.

Pool Parties End For the Summer

School is back into the lives of students as summer came to an end on the 12 of August. With classes and sports starting, so are organizations. They can’t start without a last pool party for the new recruitments.

“The recruitment party was to let them know what it was about and to meet the leaders,” said Mrs. Dux, leader of FBLA.

You can still join even if you didn’t go to the party. It is always good to have numbers for these organizations. And students willing to do their best within the group.

“It is essential to have good students in your organization to make it successful,” said Mrs. Dux, when asked how important it is to have members join.

The year looks like another fun and interesting time, once again. So I encourage everyone to do something while they’re here. You never know what you might find in FBLA, FCCLA, and Skills.