Journalism staff introduces new Quill and Scroll members

On May 5th at their end-of-year Journalism banquet, the Fairbury High School journalism staff added nine new members to Quill and Scroll, an international honor society for high school journalists.

Quill and Scroll new members, left to right:
Delainey Stewart ’18, Rielee Achtemeier ’19, Emily Burkley ’18, Nichole Harris ’19, Evie Schwab ’18, Mikasa Lierman ’19, Caitlin Nimmich ’18, Joy Ondrak ’19, Destini Warnke ’18. Not pictured: Paige Livingston ’18

The FHS Journalism department has been a part of Quill and Scroll for the past 75 years, and the society itself has been around since its founding on April 10, 1926.

The society recognizes and encourages both individual and group achievements in journalism and academics. Some of the requirements for Quill and Scroll are that the student must be atleast a sophomore, they must either have a B average or be in the upper third of their class, and they must have shown superiority in some form of journalism or media school work.


It’s a great day to be a Jeff

For Friday of Homecoming Week, the hallways were overflowing with students sporting their crimson and gold. After sorting through the mix of football jerseys, painted faces, and Fairbury shirts, student council judges decided the winners for ‘Jeff Pride’ day. First place went to Jed Martin, second place went to Paige Nippert, third place went to Haylee Gray, and fourth place went to Paul and Leah Mach.

Left to right: Haylee Gray ’17, Paige Nippert ’21, Leah Mach ’21, Paul Mach ’17, teacher Jed Martin. Photobomb by Justin Peterson ’17.

Rednecks at FHS

Thursday of Spirit Week was ‘redneck day’ for FHS students! After careful deliberation, Student Council judges decided on several winners who all went above and  beyond for the day. First place was Chase Dragoo, second place was Macy Ohlde, Destini Warnke, and RJ Suey, third place was Emily Burkley, and fourth place was Paige Nippert.

Left to right: RJ Suey ’19, Macy Ohle ’18, Destini Warnke ’18, Emily Burkley ’18,  Chase Dragoo ’22, and Paige Nippert ’21.

Metaphorical gun show.

Wednesday was ‘Suns Out Guns Out’ at Fairbury High School; dozens of students came to school sporting their favorite bro-tanks and tank tops! Rielee Achtemeier won third place, Andrew Novotny won second, and Colton Starck won first.

Left to right: Rielee Achtemeier ’19, Colton Starck ’19, Andrew Novotny ’21. Achtemeier won third place with her awesome bro tank, Novotny won second for sporting the American flag, and Starck won first for going full out on spirit day.

Stall, Estrada intercept the Spirit Stick for day two of Homecoming Week

Tuesday of Homecoming Week was full of fanatics, spirit, and sports gear for Fairbury High school. Student Council judges carefully decided the winners for the “America’s Favorite Pastime” spirit day, and after much deliberation awarded Taylor Runge ’20 fourth place, Haylee Gray ’17 third place, Autumn Branson ’19 second place, and seniors Lilibeth Estrada and Shaye Stall first place and the spirit stick for a joint costume worthy of a touchdown.

Lilibeth Estrada ’17, Haylee Gray ’17, Shaye Stall ’17, Autumn Branson ’19, Taylor Runge ’20 gather for the day two winners of the StuCo Spirit Stick contest. Runge won fourth place for showing off his Packer Pride, Gray won third for getting her head in the game, Branson pinned down second place for sporting her wrestling gear, and Estrada and Stall tackled first with their Cornhusker football outfits.

Scott claims the Spirit Stick for day one of Homecoming Week.

Homecoming week started off with a blast here at FHS! On Monday, September 19, the spirit day was ‘American Day’, and students were encouraged to wear their most patriotic clothing to school. After evaluation by StuCo judges, three winners were decided. Third place went to Haylee Gray ’17, second to Justin Peterson ’17, and first place went to Jolie Scott ’18. Along with a celebratory popsicle, Scott was also trusted with the spirit stick for the entire school day.