Jamboree prepares teams for season

To prepare for the regular season the girls and boys basketball team traveled to Raymond Central to take part in their Jamboree games.

Each year both the boys and girls basketball teams play a Jamboree game to have a quick practice game against another school before starting the actual season. This Jamboree was played against Raymond Central. The girls game was played first followed by the boys. A Jamboree is not meant to be one of your best games of the years instead it is meant to help you get back into the speed of an actual game while still being competitive. Most teams haven’t played games since the summer or even the previous season so a Jamboree is very beneficial.

“It’s a pretty good way to see where we are at as a team,” said Jax Biehl ‘23. “We realized what we had to work on in practce and what we were pretty good at already.”

The girls team played a full game keeping the same score throughout the entire game while the boys team reset the score after the first and second quarter but kept the same score for the entire second half. The final score in the girls game was 30-29. Raymond Central scored 19 in the first quarter and the girls team held them to 10 points the rest of the game.

 “We started off slow on defense but we were able to do better towards the end of the game,” said Madison Ohlde ‘24. “We didn’t score a lot but our defense made up for it.”

The boys game was played differently than the girls and the score to the first quarter was 8-7 with Raymond Central leading. The score to the second quarter was 14-12 with Raymond Central leading again. The Boys team stepped things up in the third quarter scoring 19 points and finishing the second half with a score of 24-16 and winning the overall game by a score of 43-38. The boys basketball team played great defense forcing 26 turnover by Raymond Central.

The first game for both the boys and girls team will be played on Saturday, December 3, against the Fillmore Central Panthers and the Jamboree is very helpful for the teams to be prepared for the games.