Increase in numbers has effect on football season

The number of people out for a sport can have a huge impact on how the season pans out.

This year the football team has enough people to play 11-on-11 in practice and have subs. They are able to have a scout team that can replicate the other team’s plays so the starters can see what they run.

“This year we are actually able to have a scout team,” Jax Biehl ‘23 said, “We can see what the other team is going to run for the game.”

Additionally,  the football team has the numbers so they can play in the JV games and not have to bring down the older varsity starters for the games. Last year the football team was only able to get in three JV games due to a lack of numbers. 

“It is nice that our varsity team doesn’t have to skip practice and go play in a JV game,” James Olds ‘23 said. “We don’t have to risk getting injured and we can stay healthy for Friday night lights.” 

The football team has gained an increase in the number of players compared to the previous season and it has had a positive impact on their season. Not only has it helped them this year but head coach Matt Edson believes that it will help them in the future as well.

“This really helps us develop players for the future of our program,” Edson said. “It has also been nice to utilize more players on special teams during varsity games to give our starters on offense and defense more rest time between series.”