FBLA starts junior high chapter

Having a high school with 7th through 12th grade can make a pretty big separation between students in the school; It’s important to get students involved young so they will be even more involved in a few years. FBLA has decided to start a junior high chapter in hopes of increasing the number of members and giving junior high students a fun opportunity to be involved.  

“I wanted to become the JH FBLA sponsor to overall grow our club numbers throughout the school. We have record numbers this year and I think that has to do with our promotion of the clubs and the activities we get to do throughout the year,” district sub and coach Ryan Garver said. 

“I look up to Karelin because she always wanted me to do FBLA. She’s always been involved in things and I want to be involved in more things just like her.”

-Jossan Deras ’27

Over the years as a school we have struggled with participation from people in clubs and sports. If we start opportunities for students in junior high the more they get involved the more interested they will be in trying new opportunities once they get to high school. 

“Being a part of the JH FBLA will let students see all aspects of the business world. They will gain great people skills in public speaking, leadership, listening, etc. and be able to connect to other groups much better than they would have before,” Garver said.

Joining clubs like FBLA gives students very important skills that they will use all through life whether it’s college, careers or just life. Clubs help students feel more comfortable to share thoughts and ideas with people around them and give them leadership skills. 

“This year, a lot of the JH and HS events will be similar. We are going to try and find ways to implement our own events and see what kinds of fun traditions we can start! It doesn’t hurt to learn from a great group of HS leaders as well,” said Garver. 

The FBLA high school and junior high chapter are planning to work pretty closely and together throughout the year. They do have separate monthly meetings and will do separate fundraisers too. They plan to start pretty closely together so the junior high can get experience and learn from the high school members, and then as the school year goes on start things on their own. 

  “Other FBLA members and I plan to make the junior high feel welcome by inviting them to some of our fun outings that we plan to do and know that they can come to us with any questions or concerns that they may have since they are new to FBLA,” said FBLA president Hannah Robertson. 

High school members plan to work alongside junior high members to help them learn and be a mentor for them. Building relationships and being a mentor for them will help keep them involved in FBLA in the future and help them understand how important being involved is.

“I look up to Karelin because she always wanted me to do FBLA. She’s always been involved in things and I want to be involved in more things just like her,” Jossan Deras ‘27 said.

The junior high chapter has already started off with 36 members. Students were inspired to join for many different reasons whether it was to gain skills, family members or to see what clubs are all about. 

“I feel like JH and high school are two separate things at some points but they are also pretty blended. Most of the things for high school are also offered to JH which is a plus,” Iaunna Lucking 27’ said. 

Our school offers FFA, FCCLA, Energizers, Jeffs gone MAD, and now FBLA to junior high students in the school. As the years have gone by the school has had many changes that offer them more opportunities to get a glimpse of high school, gain skills and create memories with peers. 

“I want to take this group and in time, make it just as successful as the HS group. Going to national conventions, starting our own fundraisers, starting new events at our school to help all levels of students is my goal,” Garver said.

The FBLA chapter has many ideas and goals for the members to be a part of throughout the year for them to understand what clubs are about. Sponsor Ryan Garver wants to provide the student body with more outlets, see all aspects of the business world and figure out their passions through ideas and practices. 

Starting this chapter will bring many great opportunities to our school. Joining FBLA will prepare students well for the future and give them a chance to be involved while having fun and building friendships with other members.