4th graders become entrepreneurs by selling cookies for FBLA

FBLA students worked with the 4th graders and had them sell cookies to high school students.

The 4th Graders got to learn about business and went from room to room to sell cookies. They got to sell these cookies for three days during first period.

“I liked how we got a little tour of the high school and how we got to work with students that are in FBLA,” Luna Gouin ‘30 said. 

While 4th Graders were selling cookies, they got to learn how to use teamwork and count money. They also learned how to cooperate with others even if they don’t get along. 

“It was unique how we got to go to Jefferson and teach in their environment and then had them come down to the high school and experience our environment,” Malayne DeBoer ‘24 said. 

FBLA students have been doing these cookie sales with 4th Graders for a few years now and it has become a tradition during enterprise week every year. 

“What I have learned from helping 4th Graders sell cookies is that you have to be patient with them,” Madison Ohlde ‘24 said.