Students get their groove on

Junior High students dancing to one of the songs that had come on. Photo by Eliza Kroeker.

On Friday, December 3rd, Junior High students had their second middle school dance at the high school.

Junior High students would get in a big circle, then someone would come to the middle of that circle and start dancing. They would take turns doing this in the middle of that circle they created. 

“I thought that the song selection they had for us was different from the last dance we had,” Kiera Bey ’27 said. 

The high schoolers, who were part of the staff, would get up and start dancing to try and get everyone to dance and sing. 

“I enjoyed how the high schoolers were trying to get everyone to dance, it was really fun to watch,” Autumn L’ecuyer ’27 said. 

Students had a variety of drinks to have as the dance was going on so they wouldn’t get too hot and dehydrated. 

“I think it would be cool if we could request appropriate songs for the upcoming dances we will be having,” Bey said.