One Act faces a devastating defeat

Conference one act took place Tuesday, November 16 at Centennial High School. Participants left at 8:30 in order to get there in time to unload, settle in, and get ready for the performance.

“We arrived at the perfect time. Enough to relax and get comfortable, but not too much time to get distracted.” Ethan Smith ’22 said. 

They only had a certain amount of time to get the set up, 30 minutes to perform, and a certain amount of time to take the set down. Directly after performing, the actors went into a classroom to hear the judges’ critiques. The judges had a short amount of time to explain what they put on the ballot. 

“I immediately felt like the judges did not like us very much especially compared to all of the great comments we got last time.” Brook Tatro ’24 said. 

Though they prepared the best that they could and fixed issues that were highlighted on the ballots from their previous competition that Fairbury high school hosted, they were not able to pull through. They received second to last place; many were upset by this ranking. 

“The score we received really surprised me, it shows how subjective a lot of that stuff is. The teams that got first and second surprised me as well, but again, we can’t really control what the judges personally like. ” Ethan Smith ‘22 said.