Dodging for a Win

On Friday November 19, there was a dodgeball tournament at the high school. 7-12 graders were all able to create their own teams with the maximum of six people. 

Each team had to pick their own theme to be able to play. It didn’t matter what theme they chose, as long as they had a theme. 

“Our theme was the girls wore christmas pajamas and the boys wore skittle shorts. We chose that theme because we thought it would be fun and different,” Madison Ohlde said. 

The dodgeball tournament ended up lasting about an hour or two. For you to be able to play it costs $5. 

“What I liked most about our team was how fun it was and I loved all my teammates,” Aspen Swanda said. 

In order for your team to participate you had to have at least three girls and three boys on your team. If you did have that you could at least have another boy and another girl on your team. 

What I liked most about my team was the competitiveness. I think my team had both good teamwork and leadership,” Ohlde ‘22 said. 

Regan Kapke ’25 runs to grab a ball while avoiding being hit.