Preparing for winter sports

With winter sports starting the teams need to be in shape and conditioning week is the time for that.

  Conditioning is a way of getting your players back into shape for the upcoming season and boys basketball head coach Ryan Garver thinks that it is very important that they condition even if they have been doing other things.

“Conditioning is a good way to get into shape for the sport you are playing,” said Garver. “Even if you did something before that sport it is a good way to get conditioned for the specific sport you’re playing because each sport is different.”

Senior boys basketball player Ethan Smith has always found conditioning to be very helpful and it has always prepared him better for his sport.

“Conditioning has always been a very good way for me to stay in shape,” said Smith. “It is especially helpful when I change from a slower-paced sport like cross country to a faster-paced sport like basketball.”

Although many players don’t like conditioning they usually come to realize just how important it is like senior boys basketball player Jacob Martin.

“As much as I hate conditioning, it is very important,” said Martin. “It is a great way to get back into shape if you didn’t do anything in the season before.”