NHS organizes Blood Drive

Last month the Nebraska Community Blood Bank staff was usually at the school from 8:30 to 3:15 for the blood drive at the high school.

An individual donating blood takes about one hour. That includes a health screening, donation of blood, and recovery time. If you don’t include the health screening, donation of blood, and recovery time it will last five to ten minutes. 

“I love offering this community service project that allows students to donate blood. Most community events only bring in adults. In addition, since we work with NCBB, I know that we are directly affecting our own Jefferson Community Health Center (hospital),” Julie Petersen said. 

We’ve had double donations before here at Fairbury high school. The McCown twins Ashton and Ethan did the double donation this year so it took them longer than others. 

“I usually get a little nervous when donating blood, but I like the thought of donating because I know it’s going to a person in need,” Ashton McCown said.

Teachers at the high school will take time out of their day during school to donate blood which would be more convenient than doing it outside of school. 

“Donating blood is one thing that I can do to help others, and it does not cost me anything but a little time. I usually give blood when there is a blood drive at the school where I am working because it is very convenient,” Linda Brown said.

Alex Buxton ’22 gives blood during the NHS Blood Drive on Thursday, October 28. Photo by: Gavin Schramm