Parking lot expectations enforced

Throughout the day, students received an email from Principal Sean Molloy regarding new rules revolving around safety when driving on school property.

The email was sent on November 4 at 10:44 and was sent out for the safety of students when they are arriving at school and leaving school.

“I think it was nice that the principal is trying to make our school safe,” Brittany Kroeker ‘23. “After school people fly around the corner and there are people trying to get to their vehicles. 

This decision was made by Mr. Molloy when he watched what went on after school in the school parking lot.

“I’m just out there each day and there were unsafe behaviors out there,” Mr. Molloy said. “And I think I needed to make clear the expectations since we have students walking from Jefferson.”

More disciplinary actions were also listed in the email, the most prominent one being the loss of driving privileges on school property.

“The main one is just to lose driving privileges on school property,” Mr. Molloy said. “Unsafe behaviors can also result in the loss of driving privileges and suspension. “

One of the various crosswalks that students will go to when going to school and leaving school. Students from Jefferson also use this crosswalk to head down to the high school if they have go down there.