Seventh Grade Students do Science Dr. Winter’s way

Students are always learning new things, thanks to Dr. Winter

Dr. Emily Winter is currently teaching her junior high students about energy and populations.  She loves being able to share knowledge about science with her students.

“We are always building new knowledge,” Dr Winter said. “My students are constantly learning new things.

Dr. Winter’s favorite subjects to teach include microscope work, body systems, and genetics. Her least favorite to teach in her classes is chemistry.

“I really like all of the topics that I teach” Dr. Winter said. “I try to do hands-on learning, and offer flexibility so that students want to be in my classroom.”

The students also take a liking to Dr. Winter’s class.

Seventh grade students raising their hands in Dr. Winter’s classroom. Photo by AnnaMarie Bryan

“I have a lot of fun in that class,” Tobias Shepherd ‘27 said.“She is really nice and she knows how to treat her students.”