Fairbury participates in Red Ribbon Week once again

Fairbury Public Schools has participated in doing Red Ribbon Week for many many years. Red Ribbon week is always at the end of October so the students can dress up for Halloween. The Energizers club puts all of it together such as coming up with the themes and making posters.

“For the dress as a dad day I wore basically just what my dad wears everyday.” Michael Riley ’23 said.

This year the days consist of; Monday-PJ Day, Tuesday-Twin Day, Wednesday-Dress like a dad and Thursday-Costume Day. All of the members get to vote with their ideas and eventually choose.

“We had our monthly meeting and every member had the chance to write an idea down that they liked,” Lexi Mau ‘24, president of Energizers said. “Once all the ideas were written down, we allowed each member to vote twice for which theme they liked most.”

A lot of students dress up for these few days, but also a lot don’t because they are afraid to get out of their comfort zone. When they do dress up, it shows their creativity in their outfits, makeup, and accessories. 

“It was fun to see so many people participating throughout the week,” Emily Winter said. “It creates a festive atmosphere in the halls when people are dressed up and having fun.”