Evenson takes on the responsibilities of Spanish Club

Ever since Señora MaryAnn Johnson departed from FHS, the position for sponsor of Spanish Club was left open. The roll was filled by Señorita Tish Evenson. She currently teaches Spanish IV, Intro to Spanish, ESL K-12, and is the EL Test Coordinator for the district. 

Spanish Club participates in community service and volunteer opportunities, while occasionally incorporating some cultural components. They sponsor a child from South America, collect supplies for Hope Crisis Center and shop for Christmas gifts for a family in need. 

“My favorite part of Spanish club is probably around Christmas time and having the opportunity to help a local family in need,” Secretary Ellie Livingston ‘23 said.

Before Evenson, Señora Johnson had been the Spanish Club sponsor for 12 years. Evenson even said that Johnson will be a tough act to follow. She mentioned that the hardest part of running Spanish Club is that she is not at the high school at all school hours to talk to the officers. Also, the officers are busy at times with other clubs and activities.

“At first, I felt like I might be a little overwhelmed with the additional responsibility,” Evenson said. “But when I saw the list of elected officers for 2021-2022, I felt very confident that together we can do this.”

The Spanish Club Officers this year include:

  • President ~ Karly McCord
  • Vice President ~ Alex Buxton
  • Secretary ~ Ellie Livingston
  • Treasurer ~ Gavin Schramm

“I think it is very good that Señorita Evenson decided to take on Spanish club this year,” McCord ’22 said. “I would’ve really missed our organization if we didn’t have it anymore.”