One act roles out the cast list

The cast list for the one act came out on Tuesday, September 28. This has gotten students who wish to be involved excited to get started. 

“I am not sure what the most exciting thing about the one act competitions is seeing as we have not yet done one.” Brook Tetro ‘24 said. “Although, the way I understand it, we have a certain amount of time to set up, perform, and tear down, and I think that aspect of the competitions will keep us on our toes.” 

Although they have a basic understanding of how the competitions work, many people do not know exactly what happens during a competition. The director of the one act, Mrs. Dawn Jobman, has helped with one act competitions at the school that she worked in previously. Therefore, she knows how they work. 

“You have basically 45 minutes to set up, do your production, and get everything back off the stage again.” Mrs. Jobman said. “And you compete with, I think, about 9 schools and we have judges. It’s kind of like speech. They judge on the play and set. They also have a form and the judges judge on the crew, lighting, and all the technical sides of the play as well.” 

Students who obtained a part are excited to receive one. The one act is new this year. Therefore, the participants are excited that we have a new form of theater to experience. 

“I am excited that we get to do it.” Sam Bedlan’24 said.

The date that rehearsals will start is still in the air as there are a few factors to sort out before they can start. However, they are hoping to start them soon. 

“We’re not really sure when rehearsals will start.” Mrs. Jobman said. “I’m hoping to start on Tuesday. We would like to do Greater Tuna, but with one act productions you have to have a licensing agreement okayed before you can start production, so we’re waiting on the licensing agreement. So, as soon as we get that, we will get going.”