Jeffs volleyball battles tornado

To start off this year’s volleyball season, the Lady Jeffs Volleyball Team held a Jamboree versus Wilber-Clatonia on August 20. It took an interesting turn when bad weather started to set in. It started with a simple tornado watch that led to taking shelter in the locker rooms.

The Jeffs had a great lead to start off the game. They had already won one set and were headed into the second. Then, everyone was starting to get weather alerts on their phones alerting them of the coming storm.  Some people like Coach Bartels didn’t even know it was supposed to storm.

“I immediately was receiving text messages and twitter updates that the football scrimmage had been canceled,” Coach Bartels said. “I had no idea that it had already gotten really bad out.”

Getting into the game is the greater part of the football team. The football team’s own scrimmage was canceled so they all decided to cheer on the volleyball team while they played. Photo by Ericka Kroeker

The student section was getting just as pumped up as the weather. The whole football team showed up since their own scrimmage that night was canceled. Everytime the lights would go out, they would yell with great excitement and cheer on the volleyball team.

“The football team even had a concert in the locker room,” Sophomore Riley Arner said. “It was awesome.”

It was definitely a memorable experience. When the referees finally decided to end the game early, the Jeffs were already ahead in the second period. Everyone headed home with half of the town’s power out, and great memories made.

“It was definitely a one of a kind experience,” Eliza Kroeker ‘24 said. “I will never forget it.”