Students raise up flags for commemoration

Juniors in Mick Suey’s American History class went out to the courthouse to set up flags to remember the soldiers whose lives were lost. 

The juniors left on Friday, September 10 to meet up with the Jefferson County Veteran’s Service Office.

“I thought it was respectful for the ones who have fallen,” Jacob Torkelson ‘23 said. “We were phrasing the flags from a newer generation which shows there is still hope.”

Before setting up the flags, rules were read off to show the juniors how to properly take and set up the flags. Some of these rules consisted of not dipping the flag to any person or thing, not letting the flag touch the floor, and to not carry the flag flat or horizontally.

“I thought it was pretty cool that we got to experience it and help out,” Elizabeth Rogers ‘23 said. “I think it is important to most of Fairbury and to the veterans. I hope that the people’s thoughts were positive, but they probably thought we were disrespectful when some of the juniors were messing around.”

After being read the rules, students participated in different jobs, which consisted of pulling the corks out of the holes to put the flags in, setting up the flags and carefully setting the flags in their places, and pulling the cart that was carrying the flags.

“I felt hope for the future and respect for the past,” Torkelson said. “If we have more people participating in traditions then hopefully the future generation will learn from past mistakes.”

When the flags were set up all around the courthouse the students were finished. They then took a group photo on the steps of the courthouse before dispersing. 

“I would think a vast majority of students were attentive and helpful,” Mr. Suey said. “I think it is important to meet some of our veterans and do activities like this for our school, town, and country.”