Godzilla v. Kong knocks expectations out of the park! (SPOILERS)

(SPOILERS AHEAD) This year’s Godzilla v. Kong was probably the most hyped movie of 2021, only being outdone by the Snyder Cut by a small amount. The movie at the moment is already making more money than its predecessor, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, from 2019. Watching this movie felt refreshing, especially in a theatre, because it felt like a normal movie, with no COVID in sight. It does have a fair share of flaws, mainly the humans and their subplots, but that really isn’t the focus of this film. The focus of this movie is to see two huge kaiju, or titans, duke it out on the big screen, and it delivers on that promise!

Lets begin with the films before this movie, starting with Godzilla (2014). This set the roadmap for the entire Monsterverse that Warner and Legendary Pictures wanted to make. That movie was overall, mostly boring, with pretty good sound design and great fight scenes between Godzilla and the other monsters in the film. Next was Kong: Skull Island, an introduction to Kong. This movie may be the strongest of the movies so far, being more about Kong instead of the people. It’s the most stylish of the series, with an extreme yellow and green hue to give it a jungle feel. It has great effects, great human characters and a great overall story. Godzilla: King of the Monsters is pretty good, being my favorite movie so far. The action, soundtrack, monsters and even some of the humans are top-notch. The rest of the factors are kind of forgettable. Now that I have given a brief overview of the Monsterverse, let’s talk about Godzilla v. Kong.

The movie is very fast paced, with few moments of time wasted. We first see Kong at the beginning, living life on Skull Island, to him throwing a spear into the air, which gets lodged into a wall, breaking his immersion and agitating him. It then cuts to Godzilla destroying a base made by Apex, a company within the Monsterverse that helps with the relief of damage caused by Godzilla. After Godzilla destroys the base, Apex gets outside help from the research team that studied Kong. They plan on going to the middle of the earth, and get an energy source that can help them against Godzilla.

The plot is pretty simple, and feels perfect for a movie like this. The problems begin with the humans. The Monsterverse movies all have at least one issue with the human plot, and each of these parts weighs down each movie. GvK human characters fall under the mediocre status, all of them feel cliched and used from a different movie. Another issue with this is the lack of motive with one of the villains, the son of the man who brought back Godzilla in King of the Monsters. His motive to kill Godzilla is very bleak, and makes no sense. That is where my problems with this movie end.

The best parts of this movie are the fights between Kong and Godzilla, which are spectacular to behold. It is so satisfying to see these big guys fight on a big screen in a time where theatres are finally making a comeback! There are a total of about 3-4 pure action scenes, and each one packs a punch. The best fight is the Hong Kong Brawl. Both titans show off their personal abilities in interesting ways. The fight ends in Kong being knocked out until the final fight, with Godzilla victorious until the final opponent arrives, Mechagodzilla.

Mechagodzilla is a great final boss, on paper. Although his sound design is superb, his design is disproportionate, and blocky. At this point in the series, it makes sense, but it was done in such a weak way. The final fight was pretty good, seeing Kong and Godzilla beat the living daylights out of the mechanical beast, but it was very cheesy and corny. This is a pretty good start to the next few films in the franchise, and I hope to see more.

Godzilla v. Kong is a great action movie, with big punches, great CGI, and a great soundtrack. Though the human plot and Mechagodzilla are very weak, this movie is still enjoyable to watch. It is very refreshing to see a movie that doesn’t want to be serious, but instead, it wants to have fun. I will give Godzilla v. Kong a 7.5 out of 10.