Señora’s Johnson’s classes listen to Locura de Marzo

For the entire month of March, Señora Johnson’s students listen to songs in spanish along with schools all over the world. Sixteen songs went against each other to see who is the best.

Locura de Marzo translates to March Madness and just like March madness in the US with basketball, Locura de Marzo had two songs to listen to everyday to see which will win, until there is one winner at the end of the month. The international winner was the song Al Aire by the group Morat, who beat the song Vuela by Macaco and Koers in the finals.

The song winner “Al Aire” by Morat. Click this to watch the video.

In Señora’s Johnson’s classes the song Vuela was the winner but other popular songs from the students are Bella Y La Bestia by Morat and Reik. Another popular song was Vida de Rico by Camilo.

“Most of the songs were really good, but if I had to pick one, it would have to be Aloha (by Bomba Estereo and Carlos Sadness).” If you want to listen to all of the songs and pick a favorite for yourself, you can search ‘locura de marzo’ in google and select ‘Locura de Marzo 2021” on