English II class practice improvisation

Students in Darby Davidson’s English II class got to do improvisation or better known as improv on Monday the 22 and finished on Tuesday on the 23.

Now in the speech section of the english class, students were able to give a non-scripted speech through improv.

“I think overall it went well,” Ms. Davidson said. It is a good way to break up the scripted speeches.”

To get started, students were given a question as a prompt to start the improv. Students would have to try to stay on topic while improving.

“The question that I got was along the line of if I had a chance to try out any career, what career would I choose,” Allison Davis ‘23 said. “I thought it was a good question, I liked it and it was easy to talk about.”

Other requirements included having to go over a minimum of one minute, not being able to repeat yourself, having no extended pauses throughout the improv, and not being able to use certain phrases such as “um,” “uh,” and “ah.”

“I think improv can be fun,” Salvador Chavez ‘23 said. “Improv is kinda funny and if you participate it gets better.”