Single people celebrate Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day, many students spent doing different things and living their lives with or without having a special someone. 

Everyone knows that Valentine’s day feels different when single versus being in a relationship. There are positives and negatives to both sides. When asked if she wanted to be single or not for Valentine’s Day, Senior Keely Schramm said she was indifferent. 

“Ain’t have to worry about nobody when you’re single,” Schramm said. “But, I’ve been single long enough. It would have been nice to have someone.”

Valentine’s Day can bring up good or bad memories. From a relationship gone wrong, to finding your soulmate, everyone has memories of Valentine’s Day. When talking about her favorite Valentine’s Days, Ray Bedlan ‘24 said the parties at school were her favorite.

“My favorite memory was sixth grade Valentine’s Day party,” Bedlan said. “Getting candy from all your friends was the most important part.”

As it was so cold outside this Valentine’s day, it ruined some plans from people in relationships that wanted to go out and do something nice. For students like Eliana Livingston ‘23, she wished it wouldn’t have been so cold.

“I hope next year is nicer,” Livingston said. “Maybe we could go to Lincoln, go to dinner and do something fun.”