Meridian Getting 2nd Place at State Dance

On February 17th, 2020 Meridian Mustangs went to state for their dance team. Deanna Brakhage and her dance team went to state dance and won 2nd place. There were seven teams there competing for state dance in the hip hop category. 

“The team performed the best they ever have delivered the routine. It was fun to watch. I thought the team adapted so well for last minute changes we needed to make due to scheduling conflicts due to the weather” Deanna Brakhage (coach) said. She also mentioned that the girls did so well believing in themselves and so many of them had to step outside their comfort zone. She said that it was exciting to see them be confident in something they probably didn’t know they could do months ago. 

When I asked Mo’Nae Moody ‘21 questions about state dance I asked her what advice she would give someone if they were to go out for dance. Her response was “To do it. No matter how bad or good you may think you are, just go for it.” She said her favorite memory from dance was definitely hearing Meridians name get called for second place.

Nylah Moody ‘22 felt like Meridian’s dance team excelled. They had to change their formation due to basketball being moved to the same day. So with that conflict and coming out in second was amazing. I asked her what advice would she give someone if they were to go out for dance, and this was her response, “I would tell them that even if they think they don’t have the skill they should still try their hardest and it is always great to learn new stunts.” Her favorite memory from dance was that she got to experience the moment at state dance. She has always loved dance and going every year is an awesome experience she will never forget.

I asked the superintendent  at Meridian Public Schools, Mr. Kort, how they felt the girls did at state and this was his response, “we feel the girls did a great job, they represented Meridian in a great way.” He said the best thing they did was come together as a team while everything was being changed only days before. He also said the best thing they did while performing was working together and consistent performance while having fun and enjoying their time together. 

Emilee Aldrich ‘22 did say that they messed up a few times but it didn’t really matter because you couldn’t see it. She also said that her favorite thing about dance this year was bonding with the girls and just having a great time while practicing. I asked her what her favorite memory from dance was and this was her response, “My favorite memory would have to be right before we performed. We joined together and hyped each other up and it really did feel amazing.” I also asked her what advice she would give someone if they wanted to go out for a dance and she said, “I would tell them to give it their all and most importantly have fun. Dance can be stressful sometimes but you just need to have a good time.”

These girls have done an amazing job this year and with the schedule changing days before state dance, they did an amazing job. Before you doubt them, put them in your shoes and see if you could do what they did at state dance.