Lierman takes 8th in 50 Free

After qualifying for state swim, Lily Davis, Cole Rogge, Camryn Wisinski, Josi Mans, and Mikwena and Mikya Lierman had worked really hard and now have the results for swim.

After Lily, Cole, and Mikya found out they had made it to state they were all really proud of themselves because they had put in a lot of time and effort into it. 

Some of the results after state swim was Mikwena placing 23rd in the 100 fly. In the 200 Free Relay Mikya Lierman and Josi Mans were placed 18th, and Josi Mans, Mikya and Mikwena Lierman also placed 18th in the 400 relay. 

“I was very joyous when I found out I made it to state,” Cole said.

They all have one event that they said they seem to struggle with. 

“I struggle with the reverse dive because I never seem to go straight.” Lily said. “I really struggle with the 100 butterfly, ” Cole said. 

They’ve been swimming for about seven or eight years now and some of these swimmers were forced to swim when they were younger.

They all have an event that they also really enjoy doing. 

“I really enjoy the forward ½ Pike,” Lily said. “I really love doing the relays, they’re just really fun,” Mikya said. “I don’t really have a problem with any events,” Cole said. 

Lily Davis, Cole Rogge, and Mikya Lierman have a positive attitude towards everyone and cheers for everyone. They seem to push each other to the fullest when they seem to lack.

“I’m always prepared for swim because I just really enjoy it and love being in the water,” Cole said. 

Camryn Wisnieski dives in an event during the year.