Hyson makes Nebraska State Wrestling.

After qualifying for state wrestling, Kazz Hyson finished the state tournament with a 1-2 state record. Hyson finished the year with a season record of 42-12.

After sub districts there were six wrestling qualifiers for districts. Only one of those qualifiers made it to state, which was Hyson. Going into his final match at state, Kazz knew he needed to win one more match.

“I knew it’d be tough and hard to win”, Kazz said. 

 Since he was the only one at state from the Fairbury Jeffs wrestling team, he was very nervous but overall happy to be there. Coach Derek Garfield was proud of Kazz for making it to state, but was slightly disappointed he was the only one who made it.

“I was hoping for more”, Coach Garfield said.

 There have been years where 7-8 people would make it to state, and some years when nobody made it or only a few made it. In 2017, the Fairbury wrestling team had three state medalists and three state qualifiers, and three years in a row they had seven qualifiers for state. 

“It would have been a great experience”, Coach Garfield said. 

Even though not many people made it to state, both Kazz and Garfield are still setting their standards high for upcoming wrestling seasons. Kazz still plans on being a part of the fairbury wrestling team, and plans on placing at state next season.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better coach.” Kazz said about Coach Derek Garfield.