Covid-19 vaccines are nearly here; students are ready.

People across the world have been voicing their opinions about the Covid-19 vaccination, and why you should or shouldn’t get vaccinated. With all of the statements being made, many people are questioning whether or not they should receive a vaccination. 

Covid-19 vaccinations have been available to a select group of Americans since the beginning of January. Within nearly a year, scientists were able to develop a vaccination to fight against Covid-19 and keep people safe. People across the world were shocked, yet impressed, with how quickly and efficiently the vaccine was produced by scientists. 

“I think that it is impressive with how fast the vaccine came out,” Mr. Dux said, “And people should be allowed to choose whether or not they would like to get vaccinated.”

There have been millions of people across the world that have received one or both doses of the vaccine that will help fight against Covid-19. A majority of those people that received the vaccine felt like their normal selves afterwards and were happy to have received the vaccine. 

“My cousin Kennedy received both doses of the vaccination,” Malayne DeBoer’24 said, “After she received the vaccine, her arm was a little sore, which is expected” 

With the vaccination being available, many people are looking forward to seeing what the future holds. Some hope that Covid-19 will die out or that masks will be a thing of the past. The vast majority of people hope to see life go back to normal. 

“We are more than likely going to have to wear masks to public places, Stormi Defrain ‘24 said, “But I think that everyone’s ‘normal’ life will eventually come and we will be able to get through this.”